Delivering exciting overseas products to Japan

We directly negotiate with overseas manufacturers to import products that are not released in Japan.

Just as there are many good Japanese products, there are many products in the world that make you feel happy.

Among them, we will specifically deliver advanced products and exciting products to you.

Making the best use of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is getting more and more attention at the days go by.

We proactively use crowdfunding to make our products known to many people and enhance the brand value.

With the support of crowdfunding, we provide exciting products at a special price faster than anywhere else.

Sales channel

We sell wholesale to mass retailers and retailers, collaborate with domestic manufactures, and sell online on EC sites such as Amazon and Yahoo shopping.

We strive to provide our products to as many customers as possible.


Kazuma Hayashi

SAATS Inc & ELITERS Inc. Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of SAATS Inc that is the solution provider for eBay and Amazon merchants in Japan since 2008.

● Founder and CEO of ELITERS Inc that helps international manufacturers entering to the Japanese market by starting from crowdfunding marketing followed by B2C and B2B sales activity.

● Supported over 250 crowdfunding projects launched in the role of negotiating with manufacturers for agreement terms.


Hideaki Otake 


The leading influencer for the product sales based crowdfunding and an official Makuake evangelist.Official curatorial partner of CAMPFIRE and GREENFUNDING.

●He has produced a total of 300 crowdfunding projects amounting to over 600 million yen.


Sales results

Portable Scanner. SUPPORT of $15.5 MILLION

PRODUCT: Portable Scanner

This item is a manufacturer from China.
We have negotiated online with the manufacturer here as well.
We have raised 16.92 million yen on Makuake.
The manufacturer was very pleased with the results.
The manufacturer has been asked to sell our products in Japan even after the crowdfunding.

Damascus knife. OVER $4 MILLION IN A DAY.

PRODUCT: Damascus67

This product was a Latvian manufacturer.
We negotiated with that manufacturer and signed an exclusive contract.
We received 9.4 million yen in funding on Makuake, and the manufacturer is very happy with it. We are still working with clients after the crowdfunding.
We maintain an ongoing business relationship with manufacturers.

Earpicker with camera. OVER $1 MILLION IN A DAY.

PRODUCT: Earpicker

This item is a manufacturer from China. We have negotiated online with the manufacturer here as well. The tempo of Chinese manufacturers is fast, and business is rapidly being decided even online. We were able to achieve 1 million yen in sales by attracting clients in advance.